An edge of the answer to choose our role

 Visited an office that is one of the big IT company in Nihonbashi Tokyo to talk with a woman who is a leader of Product Development Div. We talked and shared about our each careers and future visions to know each other to work with in someday.. one day! IT field is actually very new for me but she showed their works and offices in details. In addition she was very friendly and polite to me. It was very helpful to make me curious about IT field.
 After visiting, I got home at midnight then happened to turn on the TV. This program showed up and I was into this theme. I felt it could help us to find an edge of the answer to choose our role. And got to know that our possibilities (especially job!) of the future that nobody knows could be found and made in only the present around here by us because the timeline of the planet history has been continuing. Definitely we are on it.
(Monologue.. :) )


TED official site

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